Freebie: 30 Days of Journaling

I desperately want to start journaling! Immediately after putting pen to paper, I draw a blank. I never though it would be so difficult for me, but writing without any direction is tough. Maybe it's the fear of letting go, or hating how it reads. Maybe I'm too scared to let myself deal with the more difficult thoughts just surfing around inside my mind. Yes! That is definitely it. Let's just internally bottle it up and allow it to feel more painful.

I was inspired by Chris (my dude, significant other, fartknocker, sweet pea) who started a more guided way of journaling. Writing about his day, something that didn't go well, how to improve that something, gratitude, and a small writing prompt. This seemed ideal because I was having trouble just writing. I wanted to take his method, stick to it for 30 days in hopes for a clearer mind, the ability to write aimlessly without guidance, and a formed habit of journaling.

This journal focuses on

  • self discovery
  • self reflection
  • self compassion
  • self acceptance
  • guided writing
  • forming writing habits
  • mood changes
  • practicing gratitude

I'm going to take some time in morning to write out my goals, affirmation, and heartfelt desire, as well as log my start of the day moods and emotional ratings. At the end of the day, I'll do my daily summary, the writing prompt, gratitude, accomplishment, and end of the day mood updates. Sounds like a good, and healthy way to start and end a day.

Below you can download the book for yourself and join me in 30 days of journaling. This would be great for anyone who feels they need some guidance to kickstart a journaling habit. These are formatted simple, with no cutting needed. Just print, fold, and bind.

Click here to download the free journal printable!
Print on A4 paper for an A5 booklet,
or print on Letter size paper for a Half Letter size booklet.

Please note: It's super important to read the provided instructions, as some of the pages need to be in a specific order.

If you're comfortable, don't forget to share on Instagram using the hashtag #peanutsplannerco or tag me @peanutsplannerco. I would love to read your writing prompts!


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non ho mai usato jurnaling diario! grazie

emma rossi

thanks for the great inserts I really enjoy them

tammy fraley

thank you very much.


Good design


In this materialistic society, only writing can calm the heart. Let life slow down and feel life.


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