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2024 Monthly

I offer this dated monthly freebie every year! This is now available as a printed insert in the shop, too!


2024 Sticky Notes

The 2024 sticky notes feature a cute watercolor flower design.



Multi-use basics for all your list and note taking planner needs.


30 Days of Journaling

Start a journaling habit that focuses on self compassion & gratitude. Available with or without thought inspiring, writing prompts.

Download (via blog)

3.50 x 5.50 in. Booklet

Handle With Care

It's okay to not be okay! Chuck this little booklet into your bag, or keep it at your bedside, reflect on it from time to time. See what's inside below.

  • Positive affirmations: Instead of asking when you'll be strong enough, write down that you are. I do possess the tools for a xyz, I am strong enough.

    Dealing with low moods:
    In what ways can you take care of yourself when going through a tough time?

  • Self care: Write down activities which sole purpose is to make you happy (read a book, go for a walk).

    What makes you great: Compliment your greatness, you are good at so many things!

  • Accomplishments: What makes you proud of you? I got out of bed today ☺︎

    Healing words to yourself: Write a kind and gentle letter to your self, your younger self, your future self.

  • Gratitude: What brings light into your life, what are you thankful for?

    Inspirational quotes: List three quotes that hold a lot of meaning to you.

  • Focus words: Write down words that are powerful to you (no, commit, grow).

    At least we have: Silly things that make you happy. Adventures, Books, Burritos, Cats, Camping.

  • Unlearn: Unlearn those negative thought patterns! (Instead of) worrying about what your body looks like (do this) thank it for all the places it has carried you.

    Important values: What life values protect your heart?

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The locked freebies below are EXCLUSIVE to the Peanuts Planner Co. Facebook group. Become a member to access the download links, and any future goodies we'll be sharing, we would love to have you over there!

  • Borderless Wo2P
    This weekly layout goes all the way to the inserts edge!

  • Sticky Notes
    To Do Checklist, Online Orders, Notes, Monthly Bills, Weekly Tracker, To Buy

  • 2 Months Tracker
    Track important habits, plan monthly appointments and happenings, or simply log information, such as spending or workouts, etc.

  • Wo2P 
    The Facebook group favorite! A weekly view with tracking, lists, and day specific tasks.

  • Daily Plan 
    Your day divided into morning, afternoon, and evening, with plenty of extra space for tasks and notes.

  • Double Lines Daily 
    Leave the left column blank or add some times, double lines give you more space per hour, such as 30 minute increments.

  • EC Compatible Daily 
    Available with and without times. Made to fit stickers that are 1.5" inches.

  • Grocery Guide 
    Keep track of store aisles, food groups (meats, junk, canned), or household specific grocery lists to make shopping easier for you!

  • Lined Vertical Wo2P 
    This is a stacked weekend layout, so it only comes in Monday start.

  • Note Column Wo1P 
    Blank, lined, and grid options for your basic week on one page layout.

  • Pocket Weekly for EC Stickers 
    This special weekly foldout was created exclusive to pocket size, so y'all can play with 1.5" inch stickers, too!

  • Vertical Timed Schedule Wo2P 
    For the busy bee! Keep your week organized by the hour.

  • Wo2P Foldout 
    Available with or without the foldout flap, can also be printed with double foldouts flaps or just one as shown in the photo.

  • Monthly List Foldout 
    Leap year and non leap year available.

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