Printable Guide

Starred items contain important information you should read before purchasing any of our printable inserts. By purchasing or downloading any digital products from Peanuts Planner Co. you agree to the Terms of Use listed in our Downloads Policy.

Use a computer

Please print from your computer, not a web browser or phone. Sometimes print settings on phones and browsers have defaults that can't be changed. You'll have better options printing from a saved file on your computer, where you can make sure the settings are correct. I did a test print on my phone, and there were no options to change (or see) anything other than the amount of copies. Different things like scale, tray output, and paper size settings are important when printing our inserts, so a computer will be the ideal choice. Of course you can always try different third party apps for better settings, too.

Printer margins

Some printers have fixed margins while some have borderless capabilities. Be sure to check your paper size settings, as you can sometimes adjust the margin sizes. Please keep in mind edges of the insert designs may be cut off depending on the margin settings.

Version 2

Version 2 is meant for precut paper, cut down to the insert size and then printed on. Please keep in mind that not all printers are able to handle smaller sizes of paper, so Version 2 may not work for you. Not to worry, though! Most people prefer using the Version 1 printing option, finding it easier and with better results achieved.

Duplex printers

The duplex feature on some printers flip the paper aggressively, the jolting causing the inserts to be misaligned from front to back. I personally flip pages manually for better alignment, even though I have a duplex printer, it helps to achieve more centered prints.

Foldout inserts

Foldouts are only compatible with Version 1 printing instructions.

Scaling 100%

100% may also show as the following: Actual Size, Full Size, Do Not Scale, Disable Scaling, Scaling Off, etc.

Printing Instructions

Please note, the instructions provided below are general, not guaranteed. I have successfully tested them on various systems and printers but that does not guarantee they will work on yours.

Version 1

Description: Four Pocket size inserts per one US Letter size paper, Version 1 is for printing on US Letter size paper and then using the cut guides to cut the inserts out.

Version 2

Description: One Pocket size insert per one Pocket size paper, Version 2 is for paper that's been cut down to the insert dimensions and printed on afterwards.

If the instruction provided above don't work for you, here are a few alternative insert printing methods I've found online that might be helpful: Printing on Windows by Philofaxy, Printing on Mac by Wendafu

Print The Testers

Not sure about printing inserts?

Print one of our free basics to make sure everything goes smoothly before making any purchases. 

Testers are available in all sizes we carry; Pocket, A6, Personal, FC Compact, Personal Wide, Half Size, and A5 sizes. 


Detailed printing instructions can be found in the Printing Instructions section above.

Download Test Inserts ➔


Size Guide

A6 & Personal: Most Amazon, Aliexpress, and Etsy planners marketed as A6 are usually Personal size planners, double check their listing descriptions for the correct insert measurements before purchasing. Half Size & A5: Half Size inserts can be used in Half Letter Disc planners AND A5 Ring Planners, it's up to personal preference deciding which one you prefer in your A5 planners.