Update: July 2021 Pricing Changes

New things are happening over here at PPCO. As I’ve become busier these past couple months with the new printed inserts over at the Etsy shop, YES! You heard that right! PRINTED INSERTS (finally) on Etsy, go check it out!

Anyway… I’ve been doing small tweaks here and there to make things more simple on the digital end. 

In my aim to streamline, all inserts will now have a flat price of $3, *excluding foldouts and bundles, which will now be $4. After concluding that every insert I make, while having their own unique set of steps, aren’t really easier or more difficult, from size to size, when creating; a flat price just kind of made sense. Leaving those damn foldouts with an added $1 for their tedious design and formatting process! As always, I strive most to keep Peanuts Planner Co. affordable for you, and without feeling I’m selling myself short, I used my old prices and other prices within the printable planner market, to come to an amount I was comfortable with.

With these changes, a new $2 Dollar Tuesday sale will be implemented every third Tuesday of the month, where you can get your goodies at a steal, of course! I love making inserts for you guys and really hope you’ll stick with me throughout these changes.

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Hey Laqwanna, it will be for all printables :)

Peanuts Planner Co.

For the $2 Tuesdays, will those include inserts or will it be everything else but inserts?


YAY! A sale. This one I could have passed up. ;^) NOT True


LeShawn, I’m so happy to hear you’re liking the new inserts. Thank you for your business and I can’t wait to make more inserts for you <3

Peanuts Planner Co.

Loyal customer (in a variety of sizes). I am LOVING the new inserts. May God continue to bless you with your gift that you share with us as a Small Business Owner.


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