Update: FC Compact & A5 Printables Are Here

Some new size have been added to PPCO. 

This was a BIG upload, with a total of 696 new images and downloadable files added to the shop! Though inevitable when working with a large volume of repetitive file work, fingers are crossed over here for minor mixups

Of course if you find any errors in the listings or files, please send us an email so we can get everything fixed. We'll be doing a few more comb overs here as well.

Here are a few things to note:

  • Both new sizes were created with the Half Size inserts, so all three sizes will have the same exact design.
  • A5 inserts come with options to print on both US Letter size paper AND A4 paper.
  • A5 foldout inserts are NOT compatible with US Letter size paper (and vice versa), as the designs will exceed the dimension of the paper. If you want a Half Size foldout, it needs to be printed on US Letter size paper, and if you want an A5 foldout, it needs to be printed on A4 paper.
  • Working on getting the testers and freebies available in the new sizes is next on our list <3

Thank you so much if you took the time to read this through. I truly hope you enjoy the new additions, and I'm keeping an eye out on social media for your photos with the new sizes. I'll be using FC Compact for 2022 myself.


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Hey Karla! You are so welcome. Thank you for reading <3

Peanuts Planner Co.

Thank you so much for all the work to create more inserts! I a can’t wait to use it!


Thanks so much!


Thank you sooo much for the new sizes.

I’ll be using fcc in 2022 but I also love a5 so I’ll probably still use this as a home planner with vehicle maintenance inserts that I don’t need as an edc but good to see what I spend on the car throughout the year xx


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