Update: The shop's had a little refresh + printed inserts!

Besides making things look CUTER, we wanted to make things easier, so we added some new pages and features. Check out the updates below and leave us some sweet words in the comments, we hope you guys love everything 😊

The Printable Guide page, where you can find printing instructions, print troubleshooting, size guides, recommendations, file help and info, FAQs, video tutorials, and so much more.

Easier browsing, with wishlists and add to cart buttons right on the collection pages, so you don't have to click, click, click!
Filter inserts by type!
An updated menu to make navigating the shop easier.

Page Updates

Help Center
Created for categorized FAQs.
Updated to better showcase our freebies!

Our printed inserts aren't just on Etsy, we've added them to the website too. You can find them along side printable inserts, within the same listings.
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Hi Janet! The borderless insert is a freebie in our Facebook group! <3

Peanuts Planner Co.

I am searching for the Wo2p A6 Boarderless insert. HELP


The refresh is great and I love the option for printed inserts!

Margot Hoyt

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